Introducing "Programming with Reason"

Eric J. Bruno - March 2016
Welcome to the premier of Programming With Reason, an online magazine for software developers. My goal with this magazine is to not target any specific language or platform, but to focus on topics that are relevant to both professional and hobby programmers globally. Most of the articles will include code samples in different languages where appropriate, and no emphasis will be made on a specific operating system unless required (for example, for mobile software).

There will be a general topic focus each month. For instance, the articles posted this month will focus mainly on Internet of Things programming and solution building. However, each month will have a set of recurring columns, each with a theme that focuses on a specific area of software development, such as:

  • The Grid: a reference to the 1982 movie Tron, this column focuses on the cloud
  • Core: a throwback to “core memory”, this column focuses on architectural patterns
  • Missing Printout: back in my college days, when the computer science department shared a single line printer, you would often find discarded source listings next to it. Sometimes these listings were real gems, sometimes not. This column is in honor of that, and will simply be a source listing that you may find interesting. No comments or documentation, of course :-)
  • a.out: a reference to the default filename of an executable after source code is compiled on Unix. This column will comprise random thoughts on software development.

My goal is to build a site that’s useful to programmers DDJ of all types (languages and platforms, professionals and hobbyists, and so on). If you have suggestions on content, contributions, or any questions or feedback, feel free to send a note to